Revelstoke – January 24-26

January 24-26th: Price: $TBD. Revy!! With the most vertical in North America at 5,620 feet, Revelstoke is absolutely massive and has everything from high alpine to mellow glades. Not to mention a bar attached to the hotel we will be staying at! It is always a rowdy time with a good crew, so come on out and enjoy some of BC’s finest skiing and riding!



Powder Mountain Catskiing – March 1st or 2nd

March 1st or 2nd depending on snow conditions: Powder Mountain Catskiing, just South of Whistler: Price: TBD.

If you always dreamt of riding bottomless powder all day with your homies, check out Powder Mountain Cat Skiing. This is a trip for intermiediate to advanced level riders, with very limited spots available. Powder Mountain has access to over 4,300 hectares of terrain — that’s approximately equal to a METRIC ASS-TON of POW POW and we hooked it up with a huge discount. If you have always wanted to cat ski now is the time!


Whitewater – January 17-19

January 17-19: White Water $TBA. Take a trip to beautiful Nelson BC and shred White Water! Located in the heart of the kootenays, Nelson is a cozy skii town only 45mins from unreal terrain at White Water resort! Good Snow, good beer, good coffee, good homies!


RED Afterparty 2012

Peter Wojnar – President

The Wooaaagnaar! Straight out of Cali with twin tipped sex appeal had this to say:

10 Words or Less, what is UBC Ski and Board Club:
Skis, boards, and sex appeal.

Ski or Ride, Powder Day or Park Laps?
Ski a pow day, all day every day.

If you were to ‘skate’ [shred] to one song and one song only, what would it be?
Probably something by Sabbath or Led Zep.

Favourite S&B memory(s)?
The whole Revvy trip last year was ridiculous, from getting drunk on the bus to almost getting kicked out of the hotel to shredding some of the sickest powder at a rad mountain… and that all of those things involved some form of nudity isn’t even shocking any more.

Why did you join, why should others join?
See above. We ski hard and we party hard, and if you only do one of those things then we’ll teach you about the other if you want to learn.

You’re obviously winning at life, how can I be more like you?
Say “fuck it” a lot, do something fun every chance you get, and don’t expect to wake up with all (or any) of your clothes.

Trips, Parties, Buy Nights, Premiers, Rail Jams and Undie Runs… What Ski and Board events do you love and look forward to?
The rail jam is going to be a ton of fun again—nothing like early season shred to get stoked for the season. After that, the trips are gonna be ridiculous, and of course, parties are always fun.

How did Essex look in the Borat man thong? Were you turned on (Y/N).
Essex rocks the man thong like none other. ;)

Tell us something unexpected about your self:
All of the hair I don’t have on my face, I do have on my butt.


On the Eve of the 2013 Revelstoke trip, it is only appropriate to bring up the stoke by watching this edit the boys of UBC Free Ride just dropped.
Check it out as they go sled-skiing just after Dec. Finals
Your men Essex Prescott and Jamie Brown are in the blue and black respectively


Happy New Year!! Bring on the powder!

What’s going on in January:

Back to schooooool party time! Awe yeah, we’ve got the event up on facebook Right Here! For the facebook impaired the details are simple, we’re selling tickets Wednesday/Thursday/Friday between 12 and 1 pm. It’ll be members only on wed/thur with any left on fri available to members and non-members. $5 members, $15 non-members.
We’re partying downtown at Ceili’s so let’s get wild!


We’ve got trips hitting off on the 18th to Big White and the 25th to Revelstoke! Those are unfortunately sold out but check out our other trips below! For any of you signed up for Big White or Revy, keep an eye on your email inbox; you’ll be getting some info soon, they’re gonna be NUTS!

Whooo, otherwise enjoy the mountains people, and don’t forget to check out the remaining trips and to stay updated with what’s going on throughout the term. If you’re new, come by our office and see what’s up, signup and hangout. You can checkout our contact us page for directions to the club office!


Mmmm Super Troopers, some how that movie seems to fit with my thoughts on Ski and Board.
A tad bit of info on what’s happening in the Ski and Board world:
Condo Cram is SOLD OUT — If you’ve signed up you’ll be contacted soon.
Big White trip has some openings for those of you looking to get rowdy, ski some trees(glades ;) , and get buck come January.
Reading Week trip is going to be nuts and has a couple spots still open for the mean time.
Catskiing is almost full and Revy is totally full.

On to the edits:
Here’s Maurizio’s 2011/2012 Recap, filled with all sorts of fun.

Then of course we’ve got the Rail Jam 2012. The best eva’ so fa’, couldn’t have happened w/o you guys, so check out the footage!



Trip Signups and Condo Cram!

Revelstoked Sold OUT – Limited room left on: Big White, Reading Week, Cat Skiing.

Trip signups are HERE!!!!:

Thats right, this term is flying by and pretty soon we’re all gonna be SKIING! Make sure you set yourself up for the funnest winter of your life by signing up for all (or at least one) of Ski and Board’s legendary TRIPS! These trips are gonna sell fast and spaces are limited so show up early to guarantee your spot! Please be prepared for rowdy times, deep snow, free swag and C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G songs! All of our trips are guaranteed to be the cheapest and most fun on campus. If you can find a cheaper or more fun trip and take me on it for free to compare, I would probably not complain to much, because you would have taken me on a free trip… WE TRIPPY MANE!

All trips (except for Powder Mountain) include Accommodation, Transportation, Lift Tickets, B&A wax jobs*, a butt-load of Cariboo and Rockstar, prizes from our sponsors, new friends and crazy times!

Check it out at:

For the non-facebook inclined, signups will begin on Wed Nov 7th at 9am, as a member you can signup yourself and a friend. To sign up come by SUB 115 (check out the Contact Us page for directions), and bring your cash for the trip, you’ll get a receipt and a spot on the trip in return. All the trip info is on the trips tab of the site.


Signups will be on November 9th, keep posted for the exact time we’ll be opening our doors but it’s happening! $85.00 gets you two nights accommodation at the Listel in Whis. and a couple raging nights w/ and courtesy of Ski&Board. All the info is on facebook but expect clubs, bars, hotel paaaartays and hot tubbing — oh and SHREDUCATION we’re gonna be hitting the slopes to work on our extra curricular’s boys and girls. Forget your math, your papers, your “readings” and get to whistler.

The event:

Buys Nights 2012!!

Hey guys, it’s that time again – ski season – and we’ve worked out some sick 1 time only deals for you. Come check out the deals and get equipped for the season – early bird deadline the 12th – opening day the 22nd!!

All the info is in the posters, but for any extra information or questions you might have check out the Facebook events:

North Shore Ski & Board:

Also, don’t forget to get your whistler pass before the early bird deadline and check out our trip signups! Student Pass


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Tickets are in! Come by the office at noon to get tickets; max 2 per person!
Check out the facebook event: BACK TO SCHOOL BBQ AFTER PARTYY!

Where?: Ceili’s Irish Pub DOWNTOWN

When?: Friday September 7th RIGHT AFTER the AMS Back to School BBQ


We will have 2 busses leaving from Gage at 9:30 SHARP!
Busses are subject to capacity!

Come to the Ski and Board office and buy a t-shirt!

Here’s a map to the office: